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Possibilities Not Problems.
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 Mr.Harris is a Teacher at Cicely L. Tyson Elementary School. Presently he teaches an all boys Pre-Kindergarten class. Mr.Harris has a degree in Culinary Arts From Johnson & Wales University. He also holds a degree in Political Science, and minor in Africana Studies from Kean University. Mr.Harris received his Teacher Certification from Montclair University where he is working on his Master Degree in Early Childhood Education as well as Special Education. He comes from a family of educators. His experiences include teacher-training workshops, working with parents involving student intervention programs and providing relevant instruction using Integrated Multiple Intelligence. Mr.Harris’s life as a citizen, has been filled with experiences of protecting the democratic way of life as well as the rights of others. He severed in the United States Marine Corps, and fought in the first Gulf War called “Desert Storm” for the democracy of people. During that time He realized that this world was bigger than him, and every decision he made would effect the world. He does not expect people who have not been to war to fully understand that, but he expects every teacher to understand that every decision that they make in class will effect a child’s life, thus effecting the world. He believes that enhancing positive expectations, creates positive results. In his class he promotes self expression, partner sharing and a friendly learning environment rich in materials, experiences, and interactions. Students are free to learn. He encourages them to explore new ideas, promoting all areas of learning and development. He uses strategies that are developmentally appropriate, matching content with students progressive levels of achievement and abilities. He carefully observe students, to determine their interests and learning styles, because that is a way of helping them to push forward. Also these decision making models foster a climate that is full of democratic values, and students are encouraged to arrive at their own solutions through problem solving. Every student has a understanding they have something to offer to the world as well as his class. Mr.Harris understand that critical thinking and problem solving, as well as creating a learning experience that promotes the development of students’ critical thinking problem solving skills and dispositions, should be the goal of all teachers. I believe that enhancing positive expectations, creates positive results with students.

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